Mental and Behavioral Health EHR Vendors

There are very unique electronic medical record charting needs for Mental and Behavioral Health clinicians, as well as Chemical Dependency services. 

Electronic health records (EHRs) are necessary for all kinds of medical specializations, including mental and behavioral health. According to data by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, behavioral health professionals are one of the last groups to adopt the use of EHRs in both psychiatric hospitals and community mental health services.

mental health EMR

But that does not mean that the specialization does not need the services of EHRs. Here are some ways that mental and behavioral health professionals use the software:

  • For simplifying information sharing. EHRs allow mental and behavioral health practitioners to instantly share vital information about the patient to other services. Examples of such information are patient diagnosis and treatment plans. Because of this, the workflow is streamlined among health care practitioners, resulting in huge improvements in service delivery and efficacy. It allows them to work collaboratively in order to deliver a comprehensive, responsive care plan for each patient.
  • For improving medication management. One of the most important components of behavioral health services is careful monitoring of prescription drugs. With the help of an EHR system, behavioral health providers can track medications in real time, minimizing the risk of prescription errors and eliminating double-doctoring by patients.
  • For records security. EHRs are protected with advanced digital security, unlike paper-based documents. Compare copiers and digital printers. This effectively records guards against loss, theft, and destruction from natural disasters.
  • For accessibility. Since behavioral health practitioners need to respond to life-threatening situations like violence and suicide threats, having an EHR system that can be accessed anywhere and from any Internet-enabled device can help improve their crisis response services.
  • For streamlining billing. Since many EHRs can be customized to be practice-specific, mental and behavioral health physicians do not need to rely on traditional paper-based invoicing anymore, which is prone to costly errors and delays.

Among the most popular EHRs for mental and behavioral health practitioners are the following:

  • ICANotes. This EHR features a unique button-driven charting approach that helps psychiatrists and other behavioral health professionals to create personalized and thorough narrative notes without the need for typing or dictation. Since ICANotes is designed by a psychiatrist, this EHR is ideal for both outpatient and inpatient settings within the field of mental health care.
  • ClinicSource. This fully-integrated online EHR and practice management system allows clinicians to spend more time with their patients and less time on paperwork because of its easy-to-use web-based software. It also empowers thousands of therapists all over the nation to streamline and integrate all of their documentation, scheduling, and billing in one software.
  • CounSol. CounSol is a counseling practice management solution that offers a plethora of features like live chat, custom questionnaires, and treatment plans specially designed for behavioral health practitioners like therapists and counselors to provide secure, reliable, and confidential services to their patients.

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