EHR Reviews For Urology

What are the best EHR systems and considerations for Urologists?

Urology is a field of specialization often classified as a surgical specialty. However, it also requires extensive knowledge on internal medicine, gynecology, and pediatrics because of the wide variety of clinical problems urologists encounter. As such, a reliable electronic health record (EHR) platform can go a long way in helping urologists streamline their workflow and make more time for patient encounters.

Here are some ways that urologists can make use of EHRs:

  • For workflow automation. This feature can support urologists in providing patient care through every step of the process, as it also helps in streamlining typical office processes that can free up time for urologists to get to know their patients better. Move away from copiers and scanners for documentation.
  • For creating templates. There are many forms and reports needed in urology, considering that there are a lot of common procedures being done in the practice. Templates for pelvic sonograms, cystoscopy operative reports, renal sonograms, and catheterization procedures can go a long way in saving time and improving efficiency. These templates can also help in documenting a plethora of urology conditions like renal disease, UTI, cystitis, irritable bladder, infertility, impotence, prostate problems, renal colic, and carcinoma.
  • For documenting physical exams. A reliable EHR can help record urology-focused physical exam results for both male and female patients, including review of systems and specific records for individual body parts. This ensures greater comprehensiveness and accuracy.
  • For simplifying all aspects of patient care. Having an EHR made especially for urologists can support swift and efficient documentation for patient visits, long term treatment, and all other aspects of patient care.
  • For integrating with other practices. A good EHR can be integrated with office’s current practice management system, including common core tasks like patient tracking, scheduling, and billing.

Among the most popular EHRs for urology are the following:

  • Designed by urologists for urologists, meridianEMR offers software tools that help physicians provide excellent patient care and maximize their practice’s profitability. It features more than 150 templates and 350 treatment plans, an efficient user-centric interface, automatic CPT coding, multi-device accessibility, and seamless integration with its mXchange technology. It also does automatic back-ups to its servers every few seconds, ensuring that electronic patient data will never be lost.
  • MEDITECH charting software
  • RevenueXL Urology EHR. It offers a wide range of integrated practice solutions, allowing for greater automation. It also has an intuitive user interface that makes managing patient records a breeze. It can also rapidly document patient charts through a variety of data entry methods that range from point-and-click mouse work to voice and handwriting recognition.
  • Athenahealth EHR.
  • CureMD Urology EHR. Specifically designed for urologists, CureMD Urology EHR offers in-depth application for urology in the form of templates for complaints, history of present illness, and review of systems. It also provides the latest in cloud technology and usability, plus it is updated with all the current ICD and CPT codes to make urology practice simpler and easier.
  • e-MDs EMR software.

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