Electronic Health Record Systems for Dermatology

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Dermatology practices are usually small and independent, but that does not exempt them from the need of having a reliable electronic medical record (EMR) software. An EMR platform that integrates with corresponding practice management and billing solution provides dermatology practices with the power to seamlessly streamline their day-to-day processes, from documentation to billing to insurance claims submissions to scheduling payment appointments.

dermatology EMR

Here are some ways that dermatologists can make use of EMRs:

  • For optimizing practice efficiency. A fully integrated EMR and practice management solution eliminates the need for time-consuming data entry as it boils it down into a single task. For instance, when a patient’s information is entered into any module, the data is automatically spread throughout the system, with the EMR software filling in all the relevant details into the other modules in the system. The staff no longer needs to do redundant data entry tasks, freeing up their time and energy to focus on what is most important, and that is providing quality patient care.
  • For maximizing profitability. Since EMRs improve efficiency and device interoperability, it provides a lot of cost and energy savings. There is no more need to restock printers, papers, and toners as EMRs help practices go paperless and save overhead costs. Furthermore, there is also no need to hire multiple people to do data entry jobs, as such tasks have already been streamlined by EMRs such as Epic.
  • For improving documentation and coding. EMRs allow any input of data to be immediately transferred and shared across all modules and tools. This removes the potential for human error, as what often happens when data must be manually entered for more than once. It also ensures that the proper ICD-10 codes are transferred from the EMR to the insurance claim or bill.
  • For analytics-guided decisions. EMRs offer an analytics module that provides better visibility across all areas of dermatology practice, hence improving business and clinical performance. It empowers the provider and practice administrator to drive strategic decisions to maximize patient retention and profitability.

Among the most popular EMRs for dermatology are the following:

  • EZDERM EHR. EZDERM provides a plethora of features especially made for dermatologists, including 3D anatomical maps and progress note generators. Its iPad platform can also capture high quality clinical images that can be used for documentation or even patient education.
  • eDerm Systems. It provides web-based EMR especially designed to empower dermatology practices. Some of its features include automatic coding, e-prescriptions, electronic billing, and instant insurance verification.
  • Nextech. This EMR prides itself for being an all-in-one dermatology software solution that provides seamless integration and customization that matches the physician’s workflow and conveniently keeps relevant data in order to increase practice efficiency. Nextech also offers a smooth and worry-free way to transition from one EMR provider to another, making sure that the success of the client takes priority over everything else.

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