NextGen EMR Software Review


NextGen Healthcare is an American computer software company that develops and sells electronic health record (EHR) software and practice management systems to the healthcare industry. It advocates quality collaborative care and patient-centered, value-based medicine.Nextgen EHR

Horsham, Pennsylvania (headquarters)


  • Organized framework. The system supports an intelligent and well thought out structural framework.
  • Easily customizable. Users can configure the system depending on that person’s job, hence tailoring it to the users’ needs. It has more flexibility the Epic ambulatory EHR product.
  • Complies with standards. NextGen is committed to being compliant with national and industry standards, plus it develops new functionalities for interoperability in Continuity of Care Records.
  • Seamless access to other NextGen products. Because of the single login and application selection screen, users can move freely from one NextGen product to another.
  • Easy export. The easy export feature makes it simpler to create reports that meet national and industry standards.
  • Extensive research library. Since NextGen supports a very thorough reference library of built-in symptoms and conditions and medical actions that need to be taken, it increases productivity among clinicians, reducing the time they spend on the system.


  • Unintuitive interface. Some bad usability practices inherent in NextGen’s system has affected navigation and ease of use. Furthermore, the unclear iconography in the interface defeats the purpose of key functionality.
  • Too automatic. The high level of automation without proper safeguard features for overriding functions poses danger for files to get lost.

Focus Areas:

NextGen Healthcare features of a suite of products and services for ambulatory, revenue cycle management, population health management, consulting, interoperability, electronic data interchange, and hospital solutions. These are the following:

  • Ambulatory product suite. This line of products has been proven by clients to improve patient care and engagement, enhance care coordination, solve connectivity and financial challenges, manage population health, and ease the path to quality incentives. The products under this suite include NextGen Ambulatory EHR, NextGen Practice Management, NextGen Population Health, Analytics, and Electronic Data Interchange.
  • Revenue cycle management (RCM). NextGen RCM Services provides consulting and outsourcing for physician billing, collections, and claims through combining innovative technology and proprietary RCM solutions to help a clinician get paid. It optimizes revenue cycles, decreases A/R days and claims denials, accelerates cash flow, eliminates regulatory compliance headaches, and focuses more on care rather than billing and collecting functions.
  • Population health management. NextGen Care optimizes population health and collaborative care through effectively coordinating care, elevating community health, and driving practice productivity. This platform contains several functions, including care management, risk stratification, patient engagement, referral management, data sharing, and analytics.
  • NextGen’s interoperability solutions is powered by Mirth technology, which allows clients to integrate real-time health information from virtually all EHR systems. This allows NextGen Healthcare to connect across platforms with other systems both inside and outside of the organization. Connecting with other providers can also be done for free through NextGen Share.
  • Consulting services. NextGen Consulting Services provides the expertise clinicians need to optimize software and workflow experience. NextGen’s experts help clinicians achieve meaningful use of the software, meet ICD-10 conversion, and supercharge one’s EHR.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This enables providers to attach lost revenue, staffing issues, patient management, and workflow optimization.
  • Hospital solutions. This is a single source, interoperable suite that helps rural, critical access hospitals improve care, operations, and financial results.

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