Medical Information Technology, Inc. – MEDITECH is an EMR software and service company selling information systems installed in healthcare organizations.

It supports evidence-based, informed decision making across the continuum and empowers consumers and providers with sophisticated tools useful across various healthcare institutions, from hospitals to home care.

Location: Westwood, Massachusetts (headquarters), with offices in Norwood, Canton, Framingham, Fall River, Foxboro, and Waltham


  • Brand reputation. Since MEDITECH was founded in 1969, it has been around for a long time and already has a solid reputation and customer base.
  • Easy access to information. MEDITECH provides instant and immediate access to a comprehensive, computerized record of current patient care and clinical procedures, including medications, test results, doctors’ orders, reports, nursing documentation, and vital signs.


  • Poor templates. Because of its somewhat primitive design, it is hard to produce a professional-looking medical document. There are no formatting options for text and margins.
  • Though the design is simple, customers claim that it is pretty cumbersome, taking far too many clicks to accomplish anything. Furthermore, data is poorly organized. Freehand charting for nurses is also difficult.

Focus Areas:

MEDITECH offers software for healthcare organizations of various types and sizes. Some of the solutions that MEDITECH offers include:

  • Patient-centered approach. MEDITECH’s EHR helps provide care spanning the continuum, quality and safety, and a path to wellness, hence satisfying the community’s increasing demands for efficiency, quality, and control over their own health.
  • Physician-driven solutions. For MEDITECH, the physician’s needs are always at the forefront. It provides clinically sophisticated tools and an innovative design that advocates maximum productivity, evidence-based decision-making, physician-driven implementation, and mobile solutions.
  • Optimized financial performance. MEDITECH’s financial solutions help manage reimbursements, reduce costs while maintaining high quality, increase profitability, and measure overall financial health.
  • Information sharing. MEDITECH’s EHR will enable clients to share information anywhere and everywhere. It helps clients communicate across a continuum, participate in data exchanges, submit data to public health agencies, and improve patient safety with e-Prescribing.
  • Care team empowerment. MEDITECH’s EHR helps keep the healthcare team productive and connected with what is happening. It makes use of tools that help improve quality and safety, productivity, care transitions, surveillance, and population health and wellness, whether you work in a hospital, physician’s office, specialty clinic, long-term care facility, or in patients’ homes.
  • Quality outcomes and reporting. MEDITECH EHR secures results while simplifying data aggregation, outcomes measurement, and reporting processes, allowing healthcare providers to spend more time with their patients rather than with paperwork. MEDITECH can help analyze and track populations, facilitate care transitions, promote quality, report ambulatory core measures, exceed mandates, and shift to value-based care.
  • READY implementation plan. READY stands for MEDITECH’s hallmarks: Rapid adoption, Evidence-based content, Advanced workflows, Dedicated teams, and Your Success. The READY implementation plan gives providers tools to transform the way healthcare is being delivered across a continuum of care, tying all the pieces together, and driving clinical productivity.

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