Leading OBGYN EHR Systems

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Even though the ob-gyn practice only focuses on women’s health, it still faces a lot of challenges. Doctors should provide the best in long term and preventive care while also managing more urgent acute and chronic health conditions. Aside from that, it is also important to maintain health records that are continually updated to reflect changes in the patient’s health. That is why it is essential to have electronic health records (EHRs) that can help create an accessible, meaningful pool of data that enhances care and improves productivity.


Here are some ways that obstetric gynecologists can make use of EHRs:

  • For accessing data. A fully web-based EHR solution ensures that patient records are easily available whenever and wherever it is needed. Instead of shuffling bulky paper notes from one location to another, gynecologists can simply log onto the EHR system via any Internet connection and find notes for any patient right away.
  • For integrating data. Because patient data is now in digital format, there is much more scope for data integration and analysis. Aside from just looking at a patient’s individual progress, physicians can also track whole population trends, such as overall responses to a specific treatment or rates of abnormal pap smears among particular age groups.
  • For boosting productivity. EHRs can dramatically improve the productivity of the ob-gyn practice because of its streamlined note-taking and record-keeping tasks. Waiting times are cut as records are made immediately available, and staff can focus on patient care instead of data entry.
  • For educating patients. An EHR software especially made for ob-gyn practitioners makes it easy to collect a list of education topics for each condition or for every pregnancy trimester.
  • For maximizing financial benefits. EHRs can help reduce costs by streamlining the billing process and making things more efficient.

Among the most popular EHRs for obstetrics and gynecology are the following:

  • Practice Fusion OB/Gyn EHR System. This simple EHR has built-in templates specifically made for ob-gyn practitioners, such as well-woman exams, new prenatal encounters, post-natal follow-up, and anti-partum records. They can be easily customized to match any ob-gyn practice. Other features include web access, e-prescribing connected to more than 65,000 pharmacies, CPT and ICD-9 codes library, lab integrations, dictation-based charting, scheduling, and automatic email appointment reminders for patients.
  • Strongly focusing on women’s health, AdvantaChart provides a familiar, intuitive user interface to obstetricians and gynecologists. It is also available for family medicine and internal medicine practitioners, boasting of 100 percent client retention rate.
  • CureMD OB/GYN EHR. This EHR is integrated with enterprise practice management system to become a glove fit solution for obstetricians, enabling them to digitize every process in their practice operation. It also helps transmit electronic orders and results, eliminate duplicate entries in patient records, improve communication among patients and staff, and ensure compliance and accurate service level billing.

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