Best Orthopedics EHR Software Vendors

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The field of orthopedics covers a wide scope, ranging from sports medicine and physical medicine to physical therapy and various kinds of orthopedic surgeries. Hence, the need for specialized reports is more important than ever, and this can be addressed through a reliable electronic health record (EHR) system specially made for orthopedic practitioners.

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Here are some ways that orthopedic practitioners can make use of EHRs:

  • For compiling patient data. An EHR can provide separate details about each case that involves a single patient. For instance, there should be a separate file for a patient’s car accident and his work-related injury in order to better manage treatment and care plans.
  • For tracking patient condition. A fully-integrated EHR can ensure detailed tracking of a patient’s condition, including tests, medications, and procedures done on him over a number of years, since bone injuries usually take a lot of time to heal. This will enable the physician to know what is working in the treatment regimen and what is not.
  • For efficient patient treatment. An effective EHR can cut down a doctor’s documentation time in half so that they can still deliver high quality care while also increasing the amount of patient face time.
  • For specialized features. One of the most important things for orthopedic practitioners is digital technology, as it enables them to read radiology and scan reports in a faster manner. A good EHR made especially for orthopedic doctors should have digital image technology that will allow them to access these files in real time anytime and anywhere. It should also be able to address orthopedic-specific issues like range of motion exercises, physical therapy sessions, and bone and muscle injuries.
  • For communicating with patients. Many EHRs function as a two-way communication platform between patients and practitioners, which is especially important for orthopedic clinicians because their patients are usually long-term ones.

Among the most popular EHRs for orthopedics are the following:

  • Exscribe is one of the few EHR platforms specifically made for orthopedics. All charting templates were designed especially for orthopedics use. Physicians can create custom treatment plans for specific medical conditions by setting up prescriptions, referral letters, patient education, and other forms with just one click.
  • Unlike Exscribe, eClinicalWorks provides services for a vast range of specialties and sub-specialties. Physicians can customize the software upon implementation, creating an intuitive EHR for orthopedists. It also boasts of powerful practice management tools and built-in patient registries, which are great for population health management.
  • Total MD. This Arizona-based EHR system gives orthopedists a chance to choose how much or how little of the platform they want to implement. It has a modular design that can be easily customized without breaking the bank. It works best for those who are practicing outside hospitals and inside small clinics.

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