athenahealth EMR Software Review


athenahealth, Inc. provides cloud-based services for electronic health records, revenue cycle management, care coordination, patient engagement, and population health management. It also offers mobile health software applications through Epocrates and other point-of-care mobile apps.athenahealth EHR

Location: Watertown, Massachusetts (headquarters), with operational sites in Princeton, New Jersey; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; San Francisco, California; Belfast, Maine; and Chennai, India


  • Ease of use. Since ease of use is athenahealth’s top priority, the company makes sure that the software is easy to navigate, even for those who did not attend the initial training session. This increases the rate of user adoption.
  • Lower cost. Compared to competitors, athenahealth EHR offers lower cost products and services, which means it is able to deliver better health and better care without breaking the bank.
  • Innovative culture. An innovative culture helps athenahealth produce unique products and services that meet their clients’ needs.


  • Lack of efficiency. While athenahealth is easy to learn, it also requires too many clicks to get things done, resulting to decreased efficiency. Its workflow needs to be optimized, resulting to an enormous file folder of tasks to go through at the end of the day.
  • Weak brand. Consumers do not value athenahealth’s brand as much as they value its competitors, which means that the company cannot charge the same price for its goods and services as its competitors.
  • Weak profitability. Increased computation in the healthcare cloud services space has eroded the company’s profitability, making the future look much less profitable than it did years ago.

Focus Areas:

athenahealth, Inc. offers the following services for medical groups and practices, medical specialties, health centers, hospitals and health systems, accountable care organizations, academic medical centers, and community hospitals:

  • This is an intuitive cloud-based electronic health record EMR that helps deliver care efficiently with minimal disruption and optimal connection to the patients.
  • This platform improves medical billing processes through service teams and network intelligence that minimizes administrative and medical billing work. Hence, care providers get paid faster with far less work involved.
  • Through athenaCommunicator, better patient engagement is made possible because it allows care providers to connect with patients wherever they are. This, in turn, enhances care and reduces no-shows.
  • This platform provides simpler and easier order transmission for referrals, as well as immediate, secure text messaging for care collaboration. This streamlined approach also increases visibility to providers.
  • athenahealth also provides free, secure text messaging through athenaText, designed for better collaboration, consultation, and connection with health care professionals. It allows real time communication for care teams, sharing of patient information without risking privacy, and even finding drug information in one click.
  • With Epocrates intelligence embedded inside the electronic health records workflow, providers can easily make decisions in a more efficient manner anytime and anywhere.

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