Allscripts EHR Software Review


Allscripts Healthcare Solution provides physician practices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers with electronic health record and practice management technology.

Allscripts EMRIt also provides solutions for financial an
d analytics technology, care coordination, and patient engagement.

Location: Chicago, Illinois (headquarters) with operations in Raleigh, North Carolina


  • Strong management. Allscripts is being helmed by Paul M. Black, who serves as the company CEO, president and director. He has previously held positions on multiple private companies and non-profits, with disciplines ranging from healthcare information technology and healthcare services to software and SaaS-based consumer Internet marketing. He is backed by a strong management team that can help drive Allscripts towards its vision.
  • Innovative culture. Allscripts’ strong innovative culture helps it create unique products and services that meet their clients’ needs.
  • Superior technology. Allscripts knows how to leverage technology to ensure that their customers’ needs are being met in ways that their competitors cannot.
  • Unique products. While Allscripts’ products and services are pricier than its competitors, its unique lineup of products makes sure that clients will not get any of those products anywhere else.


  • Weak online presence. Although Allscripts has a functioning website, it does not sell the company’s products, resulting to lost opportunities.
  • Weak supply chain. Customers have testified to a delay in arrival of Allscipts’ products. These unnecessary delays can hurt the company in the long run as clients opt to cancel orders.
  • Weak customer service. Allscripts’ customer service hurts its reputation, causing clients to flee to competitors who are more responsive to their queries.
  • Lack of scale. This means that the cost per unit of output for Allscripts’ products is very high. The company needs to increase volume while maintaining quality in order to reduce these costs.

Focus Areas:

Allscripts Healthcare Solution offers the following services to its clients:

  • The company’s consulting professionals deeply understand the ins and outs of healthcare information technology. Hence, Allscripts offers consulting services in terms of revenue cycle, clinical effectiveness, and transitioning to ICD-10.
  • Allscripts offers experiential learning, training consulting, formal instructor-led classes, web-based instructor-led classes, and eLearning. For those who want to design their own learning path, the company also offers custom solutions.
  • You can research products, get pricing information, and purchase certified hardware through Allscripts, eliminating the need for most manual quotes.

Similarly, Allscripts also offers the following solutions and products:

  • Analytics and insights. Allscripts harmonizes data, improves performance, manages populations, and measures outcomes in order to analyze dependencies, trends, and patterns within the organization. Some of the products that does these things include dbMotion Population Health Analytics, dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway, and Allscripts EPSi.
  • Care coordination and connectivity. Allscripts provides a comprehensive view of a person’s care plan, improving safety and quality as a patient transitions from one care setting to another. Products that do these include Referral Management, Patient Flow, Homecare, Care Management, dbMotion EHR Agent, and dbMotion Collaborate.
  • Clinical solutions. Allscripts provides an adaptable platform that allows processes to be streamlined and information to be shared across physicians, hospitals, and communities. Allscripts’ products that provide clinical solutions include TouchWorks EHR, Professional EHR, Payerpath, ePrescribe Deluxe, and Sunrise.
  • Patient engagement. With Allscripts’ patient engagement platforms, patients and their families have the opportunity to become active members of their care team. This is accomplished through the FollowMyHealth platform.

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